The Roots of the Cedar Tree are not highly visible, but like the threads of a resilient community, they support the vital functions of a large visible tree.


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The CedarRoot Folk School was founded to help facilitate the transfer of rural skills from one talented community member to another.  We realize that many rural skills are disappearing and we are committed to restoring this knowledge.  “Making household tools, growing and raising food for a family, learning to track animals and forage wild plants; many of the self-sufficiency skills that our grandparents took for granted are now disappearing. We call them ‘endangered skills’. Without creating the space for this knowledge to be passed to the next generation, these skills will be lost”.   Scott Brinton, Director


CedarRoot places a high value on craftsmanship in manual skills and inter-generational mentoring.  We gather together those in our community with rural wisdom and assist them in transferring that wisdom through teaching "hand to hand".


Watch our youth programs use wildlife tracking skills to add citizen science to the Jefferson Land Trust

Find an interesting article about the Folk School movement here.



CedarRoot Folk School :: PO Box 253 :: Nordland, WA 98358 ::  cedarrootschool@gmail.com